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Have your regulators service by a properly trained scuba equipment technician.

When you are underwater, you breath from your regulator to get air from your tank. Your regulator is your only life-line! Make sure it is working properly before you go diving.

This is how a normal set of regulator looks like. A good diver will always clean and rinse his set properly after each dive.



But once the equipment is dismantled for cleaning, the parts inside tell a different story.


Regulator Set


Normal Servicing

RM 100 - 150 per set

Oxygen Clean

RM 200 per set

Rates does not include parts.


Why do I need to service my equipment?

Our dive equipment and gear are subject to wear and tear whether from frequent usage or aging. Even in storage, equipment will get jam as experienced by many divers before and these leads to financial lost.

Worn out equipment especially the regulators had caused many divers to cancel dive. Some even encounter physiological issue such as convulsion leading to nitrogen narcosis.


How frequent should I service my equipment?

The common practice for the dive industry is at least once a year.


What equipment should I check?

The regulator set, bcd, dive computer and almost everything that you use when you go dive.


Who can service my equipment?

A reputable dive shop in town should be able to do it for you as they have certified technician. Do not pass your equipment to any mechanical technician and do not do modification outside the specification.


How much does it cost?

Dive equipments are considered 'specialised equipment' and therefore, the parts and consumeables cannot be obtained from any hardware store. Anyone offering you a cheap price is difinitely not using the proper supply. For normal servicing in Malaysia, the price is around RM100.




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