Premier Marine & Scuba Centre is offering Project AWARE's Dive Against Debris campaign starting from 1st August 2013 during all our dive trips.

About Dive Against Debris
Dive Against Debris is a year-round, global, underwater survey of marine debris. As divers, we are in a unique position to see first-hand the damage that rubbish is causing to the marine environment. The data collected and the photos taken provide invaluable information to help portray this information – working towards informing policy change and improving waste management so that rubbish is stopped at the source.

How to participate
Booked a dive trip with PMSC and informed us of you participation.
Note: A minimum fee of RM50/pax will incurred on top of the normal dive rate for administrative and miscelleneous cost incurred.

How to prepare yourself
You have to read the Dive Against Debris Survey Guide There is also a Surveyor Checklist which can help you to prepare yourself. Both material can be downloaded from here or view PMSC's copy at our office.
Download : Dive Against Debris Survey Guide l Surveyor Checklist

If you have a group of divers, you may request PMSC to conduct a presentation.

Meet at PMSC designated jetty. Register yourself and sign the Dive Against Debris Liability Release. Briefing by Survey Leader.

Dive 1 - Make a dive to survey the area, normally your favorite dive spot. Survey will include taking photos and identifiying the type of debris which may need special equipment to remove later on.

Dive 2 - Dive the area surveyed and remove the debris.

Debriefing - Log all the datas using the Data Card provided and receive a Dive Against Debris Certificate.

What will be provided
PMSC will provide meash bag, cutting tools, first aid equipment, dive flags, Data Card, weighing scales, disposal, GPS and Survey Leader.

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For registration, contact us at:
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