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Students and parents taking picture with their certificate.


Youth Program - Year End 2013
2nd November 2013

Our first batch of school children getting expose to scuba diving during the program. During the program, the students and their parents were briefed on the safety skills and some knowledge of the underwater world before trying out in the pool.

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Student participated with great enthusiasm.


Marine Awareness Talk
31st October 2013

As an annual program, PMSC gave a talk on Marine Awareness to students of Lodge International School, Kuching. The talk was presented by Ms. Melisa Malini from Wetwolf Dive Team and supported by PMSC DM Barette Meringai. It was indeed a very successful one as we can see more than a 100 students participated and their enthusiasm was overwhelming. Thank you teacher Sharon for the arrangement.


A diver behind used artilerary shells.

Inside the wreck.


Shipwreck Project
29th October 2013

Wetwolf Dive Team started to explore the WWII Japanese wrecks off the coast of Kuching during the start of this year dive season. The intention was to document and confirm the wrecks for every diver to use as information before making any dives there.

A lot of information was uncovered but new ones surfaced. Due to end of the dive season, the project will resume next year with more divers and equipment.

Local media - Borneo Post online


Malaysia Day Dive 2013
Participants taking a group photo witht he debris removed from Hiyoshi Maru wreck site.

Malaysia Day Dive 2013
Buddy team with their bag of debris at safety stop.


16th September 2013

MDD13 was a great achievement for divers in Kuching. We celebrated the day Sarawak and Sabah joined Malaya to form the now Malaysia with a strong message for marine conservation.

Running Dive Against Debris programme on the event day, divers managed to collect 64.5kg of debris mainly fishing nets. Dive Against Debris is a programme by Project Aware which is run throughout the year to collect data of marine debris worldwide. MDD13 was highlighted in Project Aware news under Malaysia.

It was a challenging work for PMSC to organise this event as making dives at wreck site is not for every diver. Some of the considerations that were look into included diver rating, short bottom time, safety issues and lots of planning.

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International news - Project Aware news
Local media - Borneo Post online



Malaysia Day Dive 2013
Fred fully satisfied with the wrecks in Kuching.
L-R: Fred, Ernest and Vanadium

Malaysia Day Dive 2013
Getting ready to go down. Fred preparing his sidemount.


China Tech Instructor Visit Kuching
6th September 2013

We had the honour to host a Tech Instructor who flew all the way from the Phillipines just to dive the WWII Japanese wrecks off the coast of Kuching.

The wrecks of Kuching offers great dive to any wreck diver and PMSC is currently working to share it around the world. The wrecks have high historical value and consider easy to dive, we plenty of marine life and structure to amaze any adventurous diver.

After informed by a friend from Kuching, Dr. Fred Song who is a Chinese citizen and operates a tech dive centre in Boracay, Phillipines, flew all the way just to see for himself how good is the wreck here. Do you what is his opinion? He immediately book with us for a group of wreck divers who will be coming in at the start of 2014 dive season.

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Wreck dive kuching Wreck dive Kuching


Malaysia Day Dive 2013
Debris collected from dives.

Divers with their certificate.

Dive Against Debris
1st August 2013

PMSC will be offering Dive Against Derbris as an ongoing encouragement to divers for marine conservation effective from 1st August 2013.

Dive Against Debris is a comprehensive, year-round data collection programme focused on the prevention of underwater debris. All data of debris collected will be logged into Project Aware and use to assist policy maker around the world to tackle marine debris issue.

Divers who come for a dive with PMSC can opt to take up the program if they want to. This in turn will make their dive more meaningful. The response for the program was overwhelming.

Thanks to Steve Tan for assisting in the safety measures and photos.
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Malaysia Day Dive 2013
During a take on the surface.
L-R: Videoman Azri, Shost Azura and PMSC guide Ernest.

Xplorasi Shoot Xplorasi Shoot
L - Underwater video shoot. R - Host Azura.


Xplorasi Shoot
22nd May 2013

When we were informed by the producer of Xplorasi to undertake the diving part of their filming project in Kuching, we were so overwhelm with excitement especially when it involve a celebrity host, Azura Zainal.

PMSC was assigned to handle the safety measures, guiding and dive logistic to host Azura and a professional underwater videographer. Our biggest worry was the weather and hope the sea condition would favour us.

They managed to film two of Kuching famous WWII Japanese wrecks and it was aired in September 2013. Divers in Kuching was proud of this as it would help to promote the dive site.

Thanks to Steve Tan for assisting in the safety measures and photos.
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Malaysia Day Dive 2013
Making a leap into Kuching water.

A participant taking macro shots.

Kuching Adventure Dive 2013
25th May 2013

KAD13 was an initiative of Tourism Malaysia Sarawak office introducing wreck diving as a product to the Malaysian dive industriy.

The event saw participants from TM offices, dive operators, media groups and related agencies. Some of the big name in Malaysian dive industry who participated include Mr. Clement Lee (ex-owner Borneo Divers) and En. Ahmat (Scubatex).

The event was launched by TMS new state director, Tuan Salahuddin. Event organiser Cik Siti with the support of her colleugue worked day and night to ensure the success of this event. PMSC was proud and thankful to her for including us it.

Kuching Adventure Dive 2013
Group picture of all the participants before departing for dive in front of Damai Puri.

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Premier Marine And Scuba Centre
Volunteer PADI DM, Vanadium, giving briefing to scuba try out participants.


3rd March 2013
Discover Scuba Diving

DSD13 was held in Stampark BDC to provide opportunity for public to find out more about scuba diving. During the event, visitors were able to find out information on PADI courses and local dive trips, view scuba diving equipment and offered the opportunity to have a try out.

This event was lead by PMSC and supported by local divers who wants to share their enthusiasm with everyone.

The outcome was higher than anticipated with quite a few signing up for courses. We were not inform, a tv crew from RTM1 turned up and did a coverage which was broadcasted the next day.

For more pictures, please visit our facebook page.



Premier Marine And Scuba Centre

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